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Why We Don't Deal in Unapproved Apparitions

One of the prime promoters of Medjugorje, Fr. Tomislav Vlasic, OFM, has been censured by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The most troubling thing about the situation, and something that is always absent in approved apparitions, is a lack of obedience to higher authority. It is typical for visionaries to be asked to stop spreading news of their visions while the Church investigates the situation. Those that are authentic comply and in St. Faustina's case, she was actually told that she had to obey her bishop in a vision even though it meant not talking about the message of Divine Mercy.

At Aquinas and More we have a strict policy that we only carry books about approved apparitions and only carry the writings of visionaries who have at least been named “Servants of God” by the Church.

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