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Why We Don’t Carry Products From China (Reason 1)

This article doesn't really address the whole “what happens when you get pregnant again?” issue because it would be a little inconvenient to bring up things like forced abortions, forced sterilizations, infanticide and imprisonment with the country that the United States has the largest trade deficit with.

Because of the decision not to carry Chinese products, we have had to sacrifice selection in areas such as statues and coloring books. However, we are constantly looking for other sources and can say that because of our decision to not buy Chinese products, our product quality is much higher than many other stores.

We hope you appreciate our decision and that you will continue to pray for the conversion of China and other countries where abortion is legal and Christians are persecuted.


  1. Isn’t it funny how a country that is Communist and anti-religion can still be one of the largest manufacturers of religious goods, among other things? Sounds kind of hypocritical to me on both the religious and capitalist front.

  2. Good for you for not carrying anything from China. I like to support businesses that do the right thing.

  3. I am a manufacture of quality leather and velvet rosary case as weel as genuine leather bible covers and covers fot the liturgy of the Hours.

    My goods are made in Pakistan –an Islamic Republic. It is not difficult to understand the sole reason for importing from developing countries is money. Both for the manufactuer and the wholsaler.

    Yes China is a communist dictatorship. The object of all Catholic paradiem is the salvation of souls. Irespective of thier ideology. Jesus said “Go and spread the Gospel to all the world”. Economic cooperation with ideologies foreign to ours is a sound approach to spreading the Gospel. Take note the Peoples Republic of China wants to improve its status in the world community. Why boycott an opportunity to spread the gospel subtly thru improving eoconomic coooperation with these country.

  4. Because I won’t be party to a country that burns churches, imprisons priests and bishops because they are Catholic and forces women to get abortions and sterilizations.

    I wouldn’t have supported Nazi Germany for the same reasons.

  5. Sam, carrying goods from China isn’t helping to spread the Good News anyway. All it does it help their economy, and definitely NOT the underground Church there, which is where the True Church in China is.

    And in helping a communist economy, you’re actually helping to spread evil, which is directly contrary to the “Go and teach all nations” command by Christ.

  6. Considering these times of shrinking sources in the west, good for you! I always look for the label when I buy. I either don’t buy Chinese much unless left with no alternative (and this does happen)

    My wife is Chinese and her family has been Catholic for at least 500 years. They didn’t make out to well during the Chinese Cultural revolution with most of the family either under suspicion, harassed or in labor camps over the course of 30 years. From her and her family I have learned of just how evil the Chinese Government is with regard to the Church and just how blind the Vatican was during those years. Apparently not until Popes JPII and Benedict did the Vatican truly understand what was going on and called a spade a spade. I will never buy from Chinese sources for religious goods as it does indeed continue funding the oppression of our brethren in the underground Church. May God bless them and keep them safe!

  7. Well you trade for exchange goods for goods and exhange for trade value for value, you have sold what you have bought from them and buy what they can sell to you. You see. A seceded south could not buy from what they could not sell and what we are no longer selling. We are buying on borrow credit. From what we are not making all that much of the money, we can not pay off from what is loanded to U.S..

  8. Not carryng Chinese goods accomplishes a number of things. Five stand out in my mind: 1)You do not help support the mega-military machine which receives the lion’s share of money taken in by the Chinese government. 2)You do not sell goods made with slave labor, 3) You do not contribute money to the forced family limitation program of the Chinese government, 4) You find sources elsewhere for quality religious goods and provide an outlet for them, 5)You walk your talk. Thank you!

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