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Why We Don't Carry Certain Books

Why we don't (and won't) carry certain authors: Its all about orthodoxy and being faithful to the teachings of the Church. Here's a great website to get more information about authors whose works we simply won't carry:



  1. Sadly, that list just scratches the surface. I hope it’s not your only source of information!

  2. Jim,

    You’re so right. Its not our only source of information. There are many publishers and authors whose works we don’t carry in addition to the ones on this very basic list. Nevertheless, its a good thing for people to know about this website – spread the word! Thanks.

    @ Aquinas and More

  3. Good site. I’m bookmarking it–I’ve gotten into reading about the faith only recently (a year or so ago). Great source for the nitty gritty on what’s good/bad/ugly. Thank you!

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