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Chinese One Child Policy Propaganda Poster
Chinese One Child Policy Propaganda Poster

Why the new Chinese Two-Child Policy is only a reason for small celebration

You probably saw the news plastered all over the Internet yesterday that China is dropping its horrific one-child policy across the country. While everyone should be happy that fewer babies will be killed, the replacement policy is still horrible.

First, all births still have to be approved by the government. Failure to get a permit can result in fines and other punishment. Second, once a Chinese woman has her second child, she is back in the same position of being subject to fines, forced abortion and prison if she gets pregnant again.

Second, this has nothing to do with a change of heart on behalf of the Chinese government about the value of life. This is solely about power. The Chinese aren't stupid. They can see that their current population trajectory towards an aging, overly male population will eventually destabilize the country. They have to get their demographic problems fixed in order to maintain their dominance in Asia.

So celebrate that fewer babies will be killed but don't be fooled. The nicer face of Chinese population control still holds the gun behind its back.

At Aquinas and More we have never carried Chinese products in spite of the huge profit it could have made our business. China is a morally bankrupt country stewing in the culture of death, and as an aside, still imprisons Catholic bishops and priests. Making an extra few bucks on a knock-off Italian statue from China isn't worth it to us.



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