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Why Doesn't Chuck Colson Just Become Catholic?

He reads the Ignatius Insight Blog and quotes it in his commentary on The Golden Compass.

Since there are a lot of people reading this post, I should expand on my question. Chuck Colson has had an unhealthy fascination with Catholic stuff for YEARS. My aunt even wrote to him after a talk he gave asking him to just get it over with and convert.  Don't believe that he has one foot in the Tiber? Here's some proof:

I know it's not concrete proof that he's looking across the river but it certainly is a hopeful sign.


  1. If I remember correctly, his wife is Catholic.

  2. Chuck Colson has had an unhealthy fascination with Catholic stuff for YEARS.


  3. Also, like Pat Robertson, Colson probably has a lot of Catholic supporters for :Prison Fellowship. Hopefully, more! Plus a lot of Catholic volunteers going into the prisons. I guess we can just say he’s “kissing cousins,” eh?

  4. I say it’s a matter of time.

  5. Chuck Colson is one of a huge army of evangelical Protestants who long for Christian unity. I’m another one. I think almost any Protestant who gets above a certain educational level, achieves a certain awareness of church history, etc., and is primarily loyal to Christ and the Bible rather than to some sectarian cause, develops this “unhealthy fascination.” Being a post-Reformation Christian is a lot like having divorced parents — no matter where you go, you’re not home.

    Note in particular that Colson has no interest in leading a sect. That makes him very different from megachurch pastors and TV personalities.

  6. Catholic phobia! You have an unhealthy fear of what you do not understand. You fear what you do not know. I would suggest a challenge of praying to the Lord Jesus to lead you to the full truth and assure Him you are willing to let go of bias and pride in order to find it. You in find yourself at the seat of Rome.

  7. The Scriptures are our source of truth, not prayer. Am I then against prayer? Of course not. But the scripture itself states: Pro 28:9 He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.

    “Law” here means all of God’s revealed truth. Frankly, I am not happy with those who use prayer as a means of avoiding the plain truth reveled in Scripture alone.

    Is Mr. Closon out of line in his pursuit of an uneasy alliance with those who teack works as a means of salvation? Yes. Paul, in a similar situation said,” We did not give space to them for a moment.”

    May we Christians imitate Paul in this matter as well as others.

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