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Where Not to Shop For Christmas (Updated)

This post originally contained comments directed towards Land's End but I received the response at the end of this post from them so I have made revisions.  (I also received a reply from Chadwick's saying that they didn't understand what my request was about.)

Well, the “Holiday” catalogs have started arriving which is a great way to cut down on the options for purchasing Christmas presents.

Today's example of cowardly religious opportunism is from Chadwick's. Chadwick's is a women's clothing catalog that has a “Holiday 2006” catalog. The catalog is full of secular Christmas graphics but everywhere that you would expect the word “Christmas” you find the word “Holiday” instead. They even go so far as to guarantee “holiday delivery” and tell you what day you need to place your order to get it there by December 25th (Holiday).

I don't have a problem with companies trying to make money off a holiday. What I do have a problem with is companies that want to make money off a holiday but who have such an aversion to religion that they won't mention the name of the day. Could you imagine if companies stopped mentioning “Valentine's Day” and just referred to it as “February Holiday” or some other such nonsense? This is the same aversion to Christianity that you find in public schools where you can't have Christmas or Easter breaks and can't even play the tunes to religious songs during winter concerts for fear that someone might think a religious word. The only reason I think companies still mention Valentine is because they don't know that he was a Catholic saint and because the holiday has been secularized for so long.

Do you think these companies expect to make more money off of Jews and Muslims because they don't mention Christmas? No, these companies, like the rest of the secular world, have developed such a revulsion to Christianity that they would rather look like fools than mention the word Christmas.

If you want to ask Chadwick's to have the guts to mention what holiday they are tying to make their money off of, you can reach Chadwick's at 800-544-3795. If you would like to thank Land's End for making mention of the Christmas season, please call 800-963-4816.

Note from Land's End:

Dear Mr. Rutherford: Thank you for taking the time to write and share the link. I am very sorry that we have disappointed the Aquinas company. Though not displayed predominately in the current catalog, the use of the word Christmas, along with supporting visuals, will be found be found throughout our late November and December catalogs. We love serving a customer base that celebrates a variety of traditions. We’ve never prohibited the use of “Merry Christmas” in our catalogs or marketing efforts. As in past seasons, we are committed to making our catalogs festive, inclusive and family-oriented, while respecting that our customers celebrate many customs. Once again, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We look forward to serving you in the future. Sincerely, Jenafer Humphries Customer Communications

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