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What's the (2nd) Best Catholic Book?

Of course the Bible (with all of the books) is the best Catholic book and we have plenty to choose from whether you are looking for the Revised Standard, the New American the Revised New American, the Douay Rheims or the Jerusalem. But what comes after that?


Actually, it isn't a single book, it's a type of book.


It's a type that spent the last fifty years getting a bad rap.


It's a type that actually taught you something if you read it.


It's a type that, in spite of many rumors, hasn't gone away.


Our bestselling book for the last month was endorsed by Pope Benedict and is also of this type.


It's the catechism. Yes, the question and answer format, “Who made you?” style of book that was dismissed as a lousy way to teach the Faith and replaced in many places with collages and navel gazing.


Fortunately, the Church isn't into education fads and has just produced a new catechism for teens called YouCat (Youth Catechism). The Pope likes the book so much that he wrote the preface and encourages all teens to read it.


This new catechism is divided in the same sections (What we believe, Sacraments, Life in Christ, Prayer) as the “Big Green Book.” However, the actual layout is a “cool” style with stick figure illustrations and photos that could have come from my college semester in Rome.


If you have a teen who needs a Catholic refresher, this book is great. If you area youth director looking for a resource that actually teaches the Faith, give us a call, we can discount orders for your class. Order yours today!


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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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