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What Would You Call an Organization That…

The problems Aquinas and More had with Catholic Online three years ago have been addressed so we have removed this post.


  1. Ian,

    Catholic Online (and CFS) operates within the Diocese of Fresno, in California. I wonder what might happen if you contacted the bishop of the diocese at this address:

    Most Rev. John T. Steinbock
    Diocese of Fresno, Chancery Office
    1550 N. Fresno Street
    Fresno, CA 93703-3788

    I have heard he is a good man with great concern for his diocese and his people.

    Bishop Steinbock, or other key figures in the Diocese of Fresno, might have some insight or support to offer in your dealings with Catholic Financial Services (a part of Catholic Online). It is interesting to note that the priests that are listed as advisors to Catholic Online are all overseas and are not local to their operations in Bakersfield, CA.

    Also interesting to note is that Catholic Online has been awarded a Red or Danger status (for dissident or unorthodox material) by the reputable web rating service of Catholic Culture at http://www.catholicculture.org.

    I would encourage ALL the blog readers to write to Bishop Steinbock about Catholic Online and the unfortunate situation you have found yourself and your company in. Sometimes it takes more than one voice, crying in the wilderness, to be heard!

  2. Your experience with Catholic Online and Catholic Financial Services is not unique. The following is all my opinion except when I state clearly state something as a fact. Catholic Online appears to be nothing more than a way for Michael Galloway to prey upon the generosity of Catholics throughout the US. Contributions are sought via Your Catholic Voice Foundation as tax-deductible contributions and then simply funneled into Michael Galloway’s pocket. You can check the 990 submissions for YCVF to make your own determination. As for CFS withholding funds, CFS is holding approximately $20,000 in contributions to our organization and sister organizations. They refuse to release the dollars (this is a simple statement of fact). I surmise (again an opinion) that Galloway is not taking in enough money legitimately to support his organization and his lifestyle. As a result I opine that he is using dollars contributed through CFS and meant for legitimate organizations to keep HIS organization afloat. There is no other reason that I can think of that he (CFS) is holding back funds from so many organizations (there are others that you can uncover if you search hard enough). We do know (fact) that the DA’s office of Kern County, California, is now actively pursuing Galloway and his various organizations. For those that want updates simply check with the Kern County DA’s office (fact). Opinion: there is something seriously amiss in the Catholic Online world.

  3. For those really interested in this entire topic, try digging into “Rainwater Catch”. Or, just for the heck of it, make a small donation to your church via CFS and see if they ever receive any notification of such a donation ever having been made. Or, see if you can find any indication that Catholic Online exists as a corporation or registered business in the state of California other than as a sole proprietorship operated by Michael Galloway doing business as Catholic Online. If you find out any facts, please post them here.

  4. Just follow this trial and see what happens…. S-1500-CV-261211 that is the case number for the Kern county case, in California, where they are being taken to trial by the people of Kern county!

  5. Disappointed Catholic

    Galloway is not the only Catholic to defraud the unsuspecting faithful. Remember ProlifeSearch the search engine? The two owners were selling sets of Catholic books. I and many others paid for them yet when they weren’t produced, our calls and emails fell on deaf ears. Well not all ears were deaf. They had a secretary but that poor woman was left hanging out to dry because they wouldn’t respond to her either and I heard she got stuck with some of the bills. As far as I know nobody got their books or their money back. I will never give finacial support or buy from anyone claiming to be Catholic again unless they are wearing a cassock and beretta.

  6. I’m Michael Galloway’s sister and I would not trust his company Catholiconline.org. I feel terrible for the people that are involved in this illegal mess. I’ve worked for Catholiconline.org and I’ve seen it myself. He and his wife, Sandy Galloway have a terrible past with stealing from others. Look up their past for yourself, ask their past friends etc…..What goes around comes right back around!

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