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What I Did on the Way to the Catholic Marketing Trade Show – Part II

On Friday morning Sister Elizabeth gave us a tour of the motherhouse which is huge. They have recording studios, a radio station, a multi-floor warehouse and a very nice chapel. She also showed us the burial chapel which is in need of some serious roof work, so if you want to donate something to their motherhouse, I'm sure it would be appreciated.

Since Cape Code was only half an inch away from Boston as the crow flies and I hadn't learned a distance lesson from Plymouth the day before we I figured that getting all the way to Pilgrim's Monument at the end of the cape and back to Jeweled Cross in a few hours would be easy.

The entire road from the interstate to Hyannis Port was being widened to four lanes which meant that traffic wasn't moving. We were able to eat a nice seafood lunch at the Black Cat on the bay and get a parking ticket for parking in an area that didn't have any meters. While we were getting the stroller out of the car, a teenager without any kind of uniform, badge or id came up and asked how long we were planning on parking there because she needed to collect a parking fee. It seemed pretty suspicious to me so we didn't pay and ended up with a ticket.

Note to Hyannis Port: If you want people to follow the law, please clearly post the law and make sure that your city employees don't look like beach bums trying to scam tourists.

We also learned that out here roundabouts / traffic circles are called “Rotaries.:” We even saw one with a rotary club sign in the middle.

We made it Jeweled Cross just in time and were able to take a quick tour through their huge facility that from the front looks like a quaint, white house – not a multi-thousand square foot factory and warehouse.

After visiting Jeweled Cross we took my mom's advice and bought a stroller. I'm pretty sure that this was the best thing we spent money on the whole trip. Up until this point we had been carrying Maria in a snuggly but now we could hang everything on the stroller and leave her in it to fall asleep.

On the way back to our hotel (note to self: If the vendors you are visiting are four hours and two toll roads away from you, get a closer hotel) we stopped at a little bay-side seafood place for dinner. Paula is pretty sure that about twenty years ago her family ate at the same place and didn't like it much. Something about overcooked fried clams. Yum! Fortunately, we didn't have the same problem.

By this time Maria had gotten into a nice routine of sleeping until we got back to the hotel and staying up until 2:00 so we thought it best not to break her routine.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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