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What Does the Annunciation Mean for You?

Is the Annunciation an isolated incident, something that happened to our Blessed Mother Mary and that we acknowledge once a year in celebration? Or is the message of the Archangel Gabriel and the response given by the young virgin to whom he brought it intended to speak to us even today?

“Let’s see,” you’re thinking to yourself, “They’re blogging about it so I’m going to take a wild guess and say that the latter is the answer.”

First of all, it’s pretty cool that you said, “the latter” instead of something like, “the second one.” Very grammatically classy.

Of course, the Annunciation is more than an event. It’s the first of many times Our Lady set an example for us of what it means to be an obedient and loving child of God.

Living out the Annunciation in your life is all about saying “Yes” to God when He calls on you to do something for Him. But what does He ask you to do?

If you’ve been baptized…

You have the opportunity to give God a hearty, “Yes” every day of your life. Our baptismal promises are a series of missions to be accomplished, a series of promises to be kept.

If you’ve been confirmed…

You’ve been given the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Open yourself up to them and say, “Yes” to letting the Spirit shine through you.

If you’re married…

You and your spouse are in a covenant with God. Emphatically living out your marriage vows is saying, “Yes” in a big way.

If you’ve ever been to confession…

We hope you’re going to confession often, but the point here is that we make a promise in confession that we won’t sin again. Saying, “No,” in a near occasion of sin is saying a loud, “Yes” to God the Father.

If you’ve ever read the Ten Commandments…

The commandments aren’t simply rules; they are an invitation to complete happiness. Saying, “Yes” to that invitation will bring you close to God, where all of us want to be.

So, the Feast of the Annunciation is both a day to celebrate Mary’s response to Gabriel and a day to join her in saying a heartfelt “Yes” to God by rededicating ourselves to the sacramental promises we’ve made and redoubling our efforts to live by god’s rules for happiness.

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  1. Robin A Tepe Wisman

    Your message is so uplifting and inspiring. I enjoy reading them and learning from your insight Thank you
    Mrs Robin Wisman (a retired Catholic school teacher for 37 years)

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