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What Didn’t Adam and Eve Have?

Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons, and 199 other questions from Catholic teenagers a book by Matthew Pinto, foreword by Jeff Cavins, 269 pages, published by Ascension Press. I bought this book while I was in the RCIA program at my church, from one of the local Catholic book stores. I had bought it for two reasons; number one, I thought it would be a funny, easy read, and it was, number 2 I thought it would be a quick way to learn a lot about the Catholic faith, and it was. It even came with a a prayer on the first page, to say before reading. It was a wealth of information on topics such as; God, Creation and Man, Religion and the Bible, Jesus Christ, The Catholic Faith and the Church, The Catholic Faith and Other Religions, The Catholic Faith and Society, Catholic Living, Catholic Prayer and Worship, and more. Also included in this book are…

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