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Welcome New Advent Readers

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  1. While I applaud your efforts and your line of reasoning (as I have a reverence for ALL human life, BORN and UNBORN) I wonder if you will be as quick to go after any of the Catholics who are

    1. Serving in the wars.
    2. Working for war contractors.
    OR 3. Working for weapons manufacturers (GE, Boeing, Lockheed, Dyncorp, etc.)

    Just food for thought. Oh and by the way…that list can extend to quite a larger list if we want to get really technical about all the ways we contribute to misery and suffering upon our planet consciously or through willful ignorance. Toodles.

  2. …akin to building ovens at Auschwitz.


  3. Jeremias: Let’s not forget the fact that while the Church claims to honor all human life, its stance on abortion is set in stone, while leaving ample wiggle room when it comes to the death penalty (which is — let’s be honest here — murder carried out by the state on its own citizens).

  4. As a longtime prolifer I have always believed (and I’m not— by far — the only one who believes this) that working in any capacity in the nuclear chain of command or in any cooperation with torture would be gravely morally objectionable. This is because weapons which destroy whole cities or geographic areas together with their population — WMD’s —- and torture are intrinsically evil and are forbidden by the laws of God and the Church.

    Any thoughtful Catholic knows that deliberate intentional killing an innocent person is always wrong, whether it’s done by a bomb, abortion, or a baseball bat.

    This does not, however, exclude all acts of war, when the good soldier — like the good policeman — intends to protect civil society, defend innocent persons and stop violent aggressors, by force if necessary. And even a violent aggressors’ life and human rights are to be spared, if he has been captured, disarmed, and/or rendered incapable of further aggression.

  5. Jeremias, as soon as you have a good grasp of the Catholic theology of the morality of war, come back. We’ll talk.

  6. MT – once you can actually articulate Catholic theology on the morality of the death penalty, let’s talk.

    Murder is defined as the taking of innocent life. Killing is defined as the taking of any life. There’s a fine distinction there you might have overlooked.

  7. Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    Someone should also contact the Jesuit s at Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass. They rented out their facilities for a Planned Parenthood conference which was a conference called to promote morality that is anti-Catholic and anti-Christian.

  8. It’s always the same story with liberals, political or church.
    Don’t defend abortion but immediately go to the moral equivalence of war heresy.

    Abortion is an intrinsic evil in that there is never a justification for it.
    War is NOT an intrinsic evil, otherwise there would be no “Just war theory.”Please check catechism.
    (Of course libs recognize no moral authority other than their own.)

    This is in my opinion a feeble attempt to justify voting for pro abort democrats rather than pro life republicans. Some people are liberals first and catholics second rather than the other way around.

    This is of course allowed to go unchallenged by weak, squishy bishops who just can’t muster the will to speak out.
    Then again, if the sacraligious reception of Communion at Most Holy Redeemer in Frisco by gay activist cross dressers does not merit a whimper then I guess Kennedy- Pelosi-Kerry-Durbin-Dodd dems look mild by comparison.

    When I reverted to the church I thought I would be helping protestants become catholic. Now I see that what is most urgently needed is to help catholics become catholic.

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