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We Have a New Baby

Maria Isabel Andrea was born at 10:08 pm at home on the feast of St. Andrew Kim. Mom and baby are both doing fine. Pictures to follow…

We have been tossing in names from the Chronicles of Narnia with some of our kids and have the names Lucy, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Caspian scattered around. Today was also the feast of St. Eustace but that doesn't make a very good girl's name so we went with Andrea instead.


  1. What about Eusticia?

  2. I suggested that. Paula wasn’t thrilled.

  3. And you didn’t argue with a woman who has just given birth? Good man!

    Hey, we saw David Tran this weekend at Cistercian. He has just started his novitiate year with the Dominicans in Irving. Congratulations and we want pictures soon!

  4. Andrea is an awesome name, its beautiful, and congrats!

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