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We Are the Sole Parish Book of Chant Source

Parish Book of ChantIf you haven't heard about this book already and have any interest in promoting good music in your parish, you are going to want to get this book.

It will have everything you need to start a chant program in your parish, whether you attend a post or pre Vatican II liturgy – it has both!

The book also includes a tutorial on singing chant a over 70 hymns to go along with the wide selection of Ordinaries.

And yes, the Church Music Association of America has designated Aquinas and More as the sole distributor of the hymnal. If you are a choir member or pastor you can request a review copy. We believe in the quality of this book so much, we will send it to you at our own expense!

We have pdf samples available on the site as well as a wonderful audio description that will want you to sit back with a hot cup of tea in front of a warm fire to listen to.

Go order your copy and one for everyone in your choir today! You can't beat $14 for a hardback book that could serve as the tool to revitalize chant in Catholic parishes.


  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

  2. Fr. Stephen de Kerdrel

    We are a small community of Catholic hermits. The Bishop of Northampton has recently welcomed us to his diocese (we were in Scotland), so we are now in a presbytery attached to a parish church in Corby. I have just started a choir of parishioners to sing the Gregorian Mass settings and hymns (I’m teaching them the Solemn Salve tonight). I note that the Solemn Salve in your book differs just in the setting for the last two words from our Antiphonale Monasticum. Does your offer of a sample book apply to England? If so I will send you our address.

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