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Voting Is Open For the Catholic Blog Awards

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  1. Is the planet currently warming? Absolutely! Is it man-made warming versus a natural planetary cycle? There is no proof to show that it is.

  2. I’m not completely convinced that the planet is even warming. That graph says it is, but I don’t know anything about the graph. Where is it from? Who compiled it? Where did they get their information? If this comes from people who support the Global Warming theory, I’m personally not going to view it as accurate.

    In addition, the only temperatures that we can be reasonably certain are accurate come from the last 120 years (we can’t ever be positive). In the other graph, 99% of the information there is purely theoretical. For all we know, the Earth could be going through a Global Cooling.

  3. I think the point here is not whether the charts are 100% accurate, but that we must not make laws that make it difficult or impossible for people to live in obedience to God’s laws, or cause panic when we should be trusting God.

  4. The temperature graph is taken from average temperatures at meteorological stations around the world. I don’t doubt the accuracy of the temperature recordings, only the interpretation.

  5. It is pretty clear the planet IS warming from the late 1800’s until now. Again, the point being that it could just be part of the planets long term cycle. A brief warming spike in a longer cooling trend. Either way not something we need to worry about.

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