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Unplanned – A Tiber River Review


In her new memoir, Unplanned (Ignatius, 288 pages, hardcover), Abby Johnson shares her long journey from pro-choice advocacy to pro-life heroism. It was while Abby was attending college that she was confronted with this topic, forced to decide where she stood. Abby began talking with a woman from Planned Parenthood who used appealing rhetoric to attract Abby to the organization. Abby truly cared about women and wanted to help them, and eventually came to believe that “access to a safe, proven, legal medical procedure (abortion) is critical for caring for women in crisis.”

She believed Planned Parenthood's rallying cries which claimed to “make abortions rare”, and volunteered her time at a local clinic. Over the years, she climbed the corporate ladder and was eventually promoted to be Director of the local Planned Parenthood facility.

The working environment grated on Abby, however. She heard protesters outside of her clinic almost every day. Some were grim—dressed all in black and exposing gruesome pictures of aborted babies—while others quietly interceded through prayerful vigil. It was primarily through interactions with those in prayer that Abby slowly came to recognize the lies promoted by Planned Parenthood.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

  2. Wow. You did a great job about talking about the pro-choice stand. This book is about the reality of abortion and how WRONG it was. I’d encourage you to give a better book review about those “protestors” who are changing the world right now. This is strategically tailored. Wow.

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