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To my son, May 8, 1999

There are no perfect words to describe this day!  We went shopping and found a handsome double-breasted suit.  You picked out a tie that had chalices and hosts embroidered on it.  Your Grandparents gave you a gold crucifix on a gold chain, and an engraved tie clip.

Fr. John gave you the Body of Christ and your teacher from second grade gave you the Precious Blood.  The Altar Cloth was signed by all the First Communicants and your banners were hanging in the church.

After the Mass was over, you told us that if everyone could see your heart, it would be going “boom boom boom.”  You showed us with your hand against your chest.  your sincerity brought tears to our eyes.

You were proud, strong, ready, excited, handsome, patient–our hearts are full of love and thankfulness for you.  You are our gift from God.

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