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Time to hit the books? Aquinas and More can help! 10% – 15% off all school books!

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If you haven't seen the Didache High School series, you should take a look!

Fran Rutherford's two-volume Greek Classics (Student Book and Teacher's Guide) provides an ideal course for parents who homeschool high school students and for teachers of secondary education who wish to introduce their students to the great books of Western civilization, “the best that has been thought and said,” in Matthew Arnold's famous phrase.

Latin can benefit everyone!

Prima Latina is a preparatory course for Cheryl Lowe's Latina Christiana. It is intended for teachers with no background in Latin and was developed for children in kindergarten through third grade. The course was designed for students who are still becoming familiar with English grammar. Its goal is to teach and reinforce an understanding of the basic parts of speech while teaching beginner Latin. This provides a child a solid foundation in grammar before moving on to more advanced language and Latin skills.

Who would like to study science? Astronomy, Biology, Physics, and more!

Classic Literature, including: Huckleberry Finn, Canterbury Tales, and the Narnia books.

Of course, with any school, teachers need resources as well. We have everything a teacher could need.

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