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This week’s “Behind the Counter” Staff Reviews.

This weeks picks were reviewed by our President, Ian Rutherford.

Ian Rutherford, President

Lost Arts of Modern Civilization
Mitchell Kalpakgian

“Ten years ago you could count on people actually responding to RSVPs. Twenty years ago letter writing was still the primary way of communicating. Thirty years ago people actually dressed appropriately for important events. And now our society has collectively lost much of its civilizing and descended to what our ancestors would have called “brutish” living.

This book is a great collection of essays on the restoration of the civil arts that I received from my Dad for Father's Day. Using classic literature as a template, Kalpakgian discusses what used to be the norm and why it was important. The book isn't going to teach you how to write letters or throw a ball but it will give you food for thought about the refinements that we have lost and should try and regain.”

Understanding the Revised Mass Texts – New, Second Edition
Paul Turner

“Public Service Announcement: Your Mass translation is changing this Advent. Do you know what's going on? This booklet explains the what and why of the new translation and provides side-by-side comparisons of the major changes. This is also a very economical booklet to purchase for your whole parish.”

Square Notes Workbook – In Gregorian Chant

“Contrary to popular opinion, Chant is still the official music of the Church. If you are interested in learning how to properly read and sing it, this book is the best I have found. The book takes you through all of the notation as well as how to properly sing and pronounce what you are singing. It even gets into more advanced topics like modes and rhythm. Each section also has questions to make sure that you understand the topic. Whether you are new to Chant or have been singing it without any formal instruction, this book will be a great aid for your singing.”

Ian Rutherford is the founder and President of Aquinas and More. He has a wonderful wife, ten children and dozens of chickens at his little home on the prairie. He can be found commenting on Catholic media on Twitter (@aquinasnmore) and Facebook.


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