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This week’s “Behind the Counter” Staff Reviews.

James Staff Photo
James Rutherford, General Manager

We continue our weekly “Behind the Counter”  staff reviews series with picks selected by our General Manager, James Rutherford.

Where We Got the Bible
Henry G. Graham

“Henry G. Graham does more than dispel common criticisms about the Church and the Bible.  He goes into depth and tells the true story about how the Bible was created, preserved and made available to the world by the Catholic Church.  With passion and evidence, Graham explains misconceptions about chained Bibles, exclusive Latin texts, and apocryphal writings.  This is an essential book for Catholic apologists and casual readers alike.”

Faith Finances
Thomas E. Zordani

“Do you know what your primary expenses are?  Do you know what a healthy mortgage to income ratio is?  Did you know you can save more than $50,000 on your mortgage just by sending in half the payment twice as often?  In this book, Zordani gives a Catholic approach to managing your finances that will help put you on a solid foundation today.  As an added bonus you also get a free audio download of the book with your purchase.  This is a book every Catholic should read.”

Cloud of Witnesses
Fr. George Rutler

“Sometimes all a person needs is light reading that makes you feel a little smarter and possibly makes you chuckle in the process.  In Cloud of Witnesses, Fr. Rutler gives us short 2-3 page vignettes of people he has met in his lifetime.  Many are famous people, but some are just simple men and women who made an impact on Fr. Rutler's life.  The biographies are pithy and full of the charm you'd expect from a great author.  This book would be a great choice to take on your summer vacation.”

James Rutherford has been with  Aquinas and More since 2004. He is a graduate of  the University of Dallas, and enjoys reading various titles covering topics ranging from history to theology.

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