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This week’s “Behind the Counter” Staff Reviews.

This weeks picks were reviewed by our President, Ian Rutherford.

Ian Rutherford, President

Understanding the Revised Mass Texts
Paul Turner

“This small booklet is a great introduction to the changes that are coming to the Mass translation. It includes a brief history of the translation process, explanations about the parts of the Mass and side-by-side comparisons of the major changes along with explanations why the changes were made. It is very reasonably priced, making it perfect for a parish to purchase for all parishioners.”

Pride and Prejudice DVD

“Guys, you may think that this is a “chick-flick” but you should still watch it. There are plenty of lessons to be learned about chivalry, manners and language. Girls, if you haven't seen this, it beats any so-called modern romance movie hands down.”

Lord of the World
Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson

I like apocalypse stories. I've read a lot of them both secular and religious and Lord of the World is the one that I still think tops them all. Even though it was written almost 100 years ago, it could easily have been published last week for the issues that it looks at.

Ian Rutherford is the founder and President of Aquinas and More. He has a wonderful wife, ten children and dozens of chickens at his little home on the prairie. He can be found commenting on Catholic media on Twitter (@aquinasnmore) and Facebook.



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