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This week’s “Behind the Counter” Staff Reviews.

Once again we bring you our weekly “Behind the Counter”  staff reviews series with some more picks selected by our Product Manager, Jeremy Oliver.

Jeremy Staff Photo
Jeremy Oliver, Product Manager

The Godless Delusion
Patrick Madrid and Kenneth Hensley

” The Godless Delusion is the essential handbook for those who wish to defend their faith against the modern atheistic worldview. In this book these expert apologists use clear and concise logic and reason to systematically dismantle each and every argument the modern atheist would put forward as “proof” that God does not exist. I recommend this book for all Christians, especially those who are in, or about to enter college, where their own worldview is sure to come under attack.”

Blood Money

” This documentary, narrated by Dr. Alveda King, shines the spotlight on the grim truth of the abortion industry. Blood Money takes us back through the history of abortion in America, covering the all the key points including the beginning of Planned Parenthood and the Roe v. Wade decision. This movie is very candid without being overly graphic, and is a very useful tool for raising awareness about this evil industry that has been responsible for the destruction millions of innocent lives.”

With God in Russia
Father Walter Ciszek, S.J.

” This is an amazing story! Father Walter Ciszek recounts the events that transpired just before, and during the twenty-three years he spent in Soviet prisons and Siberian labor camps. In his blunt, yet captivating, style Fr. Ciszek relates his struggles to maintain his faith and persevere in his priestly ministry in the most adverse conditions of  Soviet Russia. This real-life tale is both humbling and inspiring.”

Jeremy Oliver started with Aquinas and More in October 2010 in the shipping department. He took over as Product Manager in February 2011.

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