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This Is So Wrong In So Many Ways

Gregorian Chant Tribute to Celine DionTwo things that should never, ever be combined.

After listening to part of this after my brother received it as a Christmas present, I am considering therapy and excommunication. Therapy for me. Excommunication for the monastery that produced this dreck.


  1. And what about for the giver of said Christmas gift?

  2. If the giver really thought that said gift was a serious contribution to the repertoire of Chant, then sudden, excruciatingly painful death. Otherwise, I’m sure an equally tasteless gift can be given in retribution.

  3. This could be the start of something great–like pink flamingoes on the lawn, or some other eagerly awaited annual gift!

  4. I liked it. It made me laugh.

  5. Ouch. And I wonder why my head hurts sometimes.

    It’s all so confusing…

  6. I liked aquinasandmore’s response, although I think we need to pray that the giver recieves the spiritual gift of discernment, or at least better taste. Was it really a monastery?!eeesh

  7. My Goodness, aquinasandmore, you’re quick to burn your family members at the stake! I’m pretty sure there ISN’T an equally tasteless gift.

  8. Rebekah, you might be right about that, but Barney boots or Teletubbies might come close!

  9. you all just don’t know good music when you hear it! 🙂

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