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This boy "gets it"

My son made his First Communion last year. He had done his two year RE requirement and read the Tom Playfair series of books with me and was very much looking forward to this big day, just like Tom in the books.  When the big day arrived, I wasn't able to sit with him because I needed to watch the other three children, but I watched proudly as my husband and son made the procession into church.  I noticed he was crying as they walked in and I immediately thought he was sad because almost every child had both parents or a godparent/grandparent and I made a huge assumption that was why he was in tears.  The Mass was beautiful and afterwards I pulled him aside to apologize that I wasn't able to sit with him.  He said, “That's okay.  I knew why.”  Then I asked him why he had been crying.  He said, “Mom, I was just so happy.”   What an amazing Sacrament we are blessed to have!

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