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Things For Which to Plan Far Ahead

Every year we seem to miss some major sales possibilities because the dates sneak up on us. I'm sure we aren't the only store with this problem. Here are a few major ones to remember:

Back to school (August) – start planning in May. You need to contact schools during the summer if you want to sell them religious ed materials. Homeschoolers start buying books in June so be ready.

Advent (November) – Make sure you have your advent wreaths and candles lined up by the end of September. Also, if you carry Oplatki, you can usually start taking orders in September.

Christmas (December) – Start selling Christmas cards in your store in early October. We are already starting to see sales for them on our website and it's only August.

Lent (March) – Make sure you have a palm supplier and the candles for the Easter Vigil ready to go before Lent starts.

In general, if you plan to promote a specific event, give yourself at least three weeks of lead time so that you can get the product in stock before the event.

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  1. Never fear. There are some of us homeschoolers who don’t order until August! I hope there will still be items in stock. You need to have mercy on us procrastinators!

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