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The Time Has Finally Come – Order Your 2011 Ordo Now.

2011 ordos are now available for pre-order here at Aquinas and More!

Once again we are “first out of the gate” getting annual ordos on our site and available for sale. The 2011 ordos will be shipping from the publisher on October 18. You can have yours by November 1st if you order now.

Every bishop, priest and deacon needs an ordo. Lay people like them, too!

What is an ordo and why do I need one?

“Ordo” comes from the Latin root for “order.” The Ordo instructs you about which Mass and which Hours (Divine Office or Liturgy of the Hours) are to be said on each specific day, whether there are any commemorations or other liturgical rites to take place, and whether votive Masses are permitted, etc.

By faithfully following (and studying) the Universal Calendar, you may understand the in's and out's of the calendar and the rubrics to the point that you feel do not need to use an Ordo, particularly if you are not canonically bound to the recitation of the Divine Office.  If you are a priest, or your diocese or religious order has particular feasts, or if the bishop has ordered an oratio imperata to be said at Mass, or anything else not covered by the Universal Calendar, then an Ordo is probably essential in order to insure you are fulfilling your canonical obligations.

Lay persons, who pray the Divine Office (Liturgy of the Hours) from devotion, may want to use one as it makes life easier for those who have not learned the rubrics.  For lay persons we really do recommend the 2011 St. Joseph guides as they are easier to use than an ordo – they cost less too. The St. Joseph guides don't replace ordos, so bishops, priest and deacons still need to have an ordo.

Thirty-one different volumes of the ordo are available once again this year. There is one for each ecclesiastical province or group of less populous provinces, one general edition and one general edition in Spanish. Browse through them to find which one contains information for your specific diocese.

Every year, year after year, the publisher runs out of ordos as the print runs are quite small. After about mid-December they really aren't available any longer. Sadly, too many people wait too long before they order – and then it is too late.

Pre-order yours today and you will not be charged for it until we ship it to you in late October or early November. Remember the old adage – “he who hesitates is lost.” We would add: And he doesn't have an ordo either.

Browse for and purchase your 2011 ordo right here.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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