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The Most Chilling Quote From Any Maciel Article to-Date

We haven't spent time commenting on the Legion crisis and don't plan to. What I want to highlight here is a quote from about the best commentary on the situation. We know so many people who got involved with Regnum Christi and basically went Poof! – hardly ever to be seen again.

The key to making people commit themselves to a movement, the Communists learned and Hyde revealed, was to keep them busy. To make them work harder and longer than they'd ever thought possible — even at tasks that don't really need to be done. A person's devotion to a cause, Hyde coolly explained, is proportionate not to what he gets from it but what he puts into it. So don't make things too easy. Make people feel useful, and keep them digging up holes so others can fill them up.

Read the whole article. It is well worth it.

H/T Mark Shea.

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