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The Lily Trilogy – Down Syndrome and Blessings

One night, when I was tucking in my daughter who has Down Syndrome, I had a flash forward. I saw my Teresa, all grown up, tucking in an elderly woman, whose loneliness was dispelled by the sweetness of Teresa's exuberant kiss on the cheek and her meticulous placement of covers around a set of frail, aching shoulders in a careful effort to fend off the chill. I felt a great joy as I realized that the old woman is the future me. I began to contemplate what might have been if my husband and I had come up with a different answer the day our adoption counselor called and asked if we would consider adopting a newborn baby girl with Down Syndrome

Come meet Lily, the bright light of joy in every life she meets.

Until Lily

Bev Greeley could have never predicted that the burden she tried to cast off long ago would become her only source of joy in her final days. Until Lily is a moving book, rich in the universal struggles we all face, illuminated by Bev's contrite reflection on the life chosen for her — a life filled with the strife, chaos, tragedy, loss, laughter, redemption and deep meaning possible only when you hand yourself over to love.

Wherever Lily Goes

Terry Lovely isn't expecting any great rewards for her decision to uproot her family, move halfway across the country and take care of her sister Lily, who has Down Syndrome. What Terry will eventually discover, however, is that Lily will give more than she will ever take, including a certain something Terry doesn't even know is missing.

Life Entwined with Lily's

A dark day in Beth Lovely's past casts a mournful shadow over her entire future. And although Beth has revealed her unspeakable secret to no one, her Aunt Lily is unwittingly responsible for a resuscitating breath of new hope. And so comes an unpredictable and satisfying conclusion to a trilogy that chronicles Lily's impact on three generations of family.

Read our interview with Sherry Boas, the author of this wonderful trilogy about the dignity of life and true love.

The Lily books are also available as e-books!

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