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The Latest Catholic Carnival Is Up

Veggie Tales Rule.


  1. I know of one urban Catholic store that had been around for years, which fit your descriptions to a T — and which closed its doors just this summer. I moved into this city 2 years ago, and the only Catholic store in town was one of my first places to visit. It took only a few minutes of browsing to become disappointed by what I saw, especially the books, since that is my primary interest. I didn’t see anything that had been published in the past five years. And most of what was on the shelves was what I saw on Catholic bookstore shelves in my previous hometown ten, fifteen, even twenty years earlier. Same could be said of other products, like posters and music.

    I stood there and thought, “So much good going on in Catholic publishing, and you wouldn’t know it at all by standing in this store.” Your description of a 50-year-old curiousity shop fit this place exactly. As a newcomer to the city, I must admit it gave me a negative impression of the local Catholic community as well. “This is what passes for a Catholic shop around here?” I wondered. “This is what nourishes their faith? These are the resources that inform their catechists?” Unfortunately, there no other local alternative around here now.

    Thanks for the interesting reflections. Best wishes for much success in the efforts of any Catholic shop-owner in a business environment that must surely be a constrant stress and challenge.


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