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The Jeweled Cross Company delivers on CPSIA

We're very happy to announce that we have received compliance certification from our very first jewelry supplier with regards to the CPSIA law – the Jeweled Cross Company. Its been a long and winding road on our journey to CPSIA compliance with most of our suppliers. At first pass, most knew nothing about it. As the February 10 compliance deadline loomed, more and more suppliers were scrambling to be in compliance but the jewelry suppliers were sadly dragging their feet. Since the law directly addresses the issue of lead toxicity, one would think that the jewelry companies would have been on the leading edge of compliance with the new law, which is the most sweeping new consumer product legislation enacted since 1972's Consumer Protection Act.

So, our customers no longer have to be concerned with any Jeweled Cross products we offer for sale online or in our store. All the Jeweled Cross products we carry, from Baby Baptism crosses, to First Communion items and much more, are back online and ready to ship!

A big “Thank You!” to everyone at Jeweled Cross for your work to comply with the new law and to give retailers renewed confidence in your company and its products.

To view our huge selection of Jeweled Cross products, please click here.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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