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The Importance of Background Checks

We were recently looking for a new bookkeeper and one of our applicants seemed like he would be a good fit for the business, until I gave him a background check request. He said that he had provided references and would be happy to provide more but didn't see why a background check was necessary. I told him that when it came to handling the financial data of our company and of our customers, prudence would demand that I do a background check on someone who was a complete stranger. Following that answer he withdrew his offer.

Have you ever done a Google search on a name? It's amazing what is in newspaper archives.

Apart from the prudence of doing background checks, Visa and Mastercard require that in order to process their cards, business must follow PCI DSS requirements. (Details here) Vendors who don't follow these requirements, apart from being careless with their customers' information, are risking having their merchant accounts revoked. Part of the standard requires that anyone who handles credit card data be subjected to a background check.

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  1. Ian, this makes me glad. I hope to someday raise enough money to be able to upgrade certain things at our parish and flat-out provide (first time?) some other things.

    BTW, I ordered from you during your sale, and the T-shirt (have you talked to your Mother today?) came so fast I nearly fell down! I’ve wanted it for YEARS, and I was so pleased to splurge and be able to throw business your way, too.

    Have a blessed day, and I pray your new web-store will be wildly successful!

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