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The Horologion – The Divine Office of the Eastern Churches

We'd like to announce some truly exciting news:

The Horologion, published by the Melkite Eparchy, is once again available after being out of print/unavailable for many years!

We just added it for sale today and our copies are on the way. There is a limited print run of this book, so be sure to order your copy today.

The newly revised and expanded edition contains all the information in the prevous edition plus an addition of about 300 new pages containing: the troparia and kontakia for each day of the year, the Akathist and Paraklesis, additional music etc.

You've probably seen used copies on Amazon selling for hundreds of dollars. The Byzantine Catholic forum, at www.byzcath.org, has been full of postings over the years by individuals searching for the Horologion. Some Orthodox churches publish English language horologions, but none of them are as complete or as beautifully done as the Melkite Catholic horologion.

The Melkite Catholic eparchy has performed a great and noble service for all Eastern Catholics in the English-speaking world with the re-release of the Horologion – and certainly they continue to do so through their ongoing publishing efforts.

Glory to Jesus Christ! May you have a blessed and fruitful Great Lent.

Buy your copy right here.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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