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Cardinal Walter Kaspar
Cardinal Walter Kaspar

The book of the five cardinals is a problem, we in the church should not behave like that.

Full quote from the cardinal's interview:

Regarding the upcoming publication of the five cardinals' book right before the synod:
“Yes it is a problem. I don't remember a similar situation, in which in such organized manner five cardinals would write such a book. That's the way politicians operate, but in the Church we should not behave like that.”


So what is Cardinal Kaspar so upset about?*

Can the radical views of one influential Cardinal alter the doctrinal teachings of Holy Mother Church on marriage?

Is it true that, as the Cardinal says, those who defend Christ's teaching on marriage are really attacking the pope?

The answers can all be found in these three books, just released by Ignatius Press.


Synod Three Pack


Each title takes a look at marriage and the family from a different angle and clearly shows:

  • What true mercy is.
  • The history of divorce and remarriage.
  • The Eastern Orthodox practice of allowing remarriage and why it is the wrong approach.
  • The true dangers to the family today.
  • What TRUE pastoral care looks like.
  • The connection between Holy Communion and marriage.
  • The importance of properly educating young people before they are married.


* Remaining in the Truth of Christ ($24.95 $22.45)

* The Hope of the Family ($10.95 $9.85)

* The Gospel of the Family ($17.95 $16.15)


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