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China’s One Child Policy (and the murder of 40% + of their children) Continues

This morning our Product Manager told me that our most recent newsletter on why we don't carry Chinese products elicited more response than ANY newsletter we have ever sent. All comments were positive about our stance. Today I found an article talking about how over 13 million Chinese babies are killed through abortion every year. That number does not include …

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Your Money is Going to China. How Do You Feel About That?

We're one of the few Catholic retailers who refuse to carry and sell items that are made in China. Does it matter to you where your money goes and what it ultimately supports? As a Catholic, it should matter quite a great deal to you. As with all things we do, we must consider the consequences of our actions. Most …

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Chinese Horrors Continue

You know things in China must really be bad when the secular media starts to take note of China's abortion and child labor practices. HBO is showing a documentary next week that includes film shot by people posing as tourists about the Chinese child slave trade and the forced abortion and selective abortion practices in China. There really isn't any …

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How Ironic

Isn't it funny how these things work? It's the same situation with that cheap plastic statue you just bought at your local “Christian” store.  You may be against the whole situation in China, but you can't really can't change it on your own.  That dinky cheap crucifix you just bought (you know, the one with the “Made in China” sticker …

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Would You Please Contact Catholic Book Publishing?

Editor's note: This post has been updated. Hi Everyone, We have been purchasing books from Catholic Book Publishing for years now. We have been in an ongoing discussion with them about their move to print more and more of their products in China. The official answer from the company is that quality trumps any human rights violations that China engages …

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