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When it comes to strengthening your faith, sometimes the most effective method is to read about the many instances of spiritual phenomena that God has given us as proof that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ. Perhaps the top contributor of books on these issues, Joan Carroll Cruz has written a number of books to collect the various categories together. And most of her books have pictures to help illustrate the accuracy of the events.

Eucharistic Miracles Eucharistic Miracles brings together all the best known instances of the appearances of the Holy Eucharist being changed to confirm the substance of the Body and Blood of Christ. It also contains stories of various Saints' experiences with the Holy Eucharist, such as how St. Imelda, when unable to receive her First Communion due to age restrictions, asked the Lord to come to her, and then witnessed an incredible miracle: the Host left the Tabernacle on Its own and remained untouched in the air until a priest came to offer It to young Imelda! She died shortly after out of love of the Eucharist, and she was given the special grace of becoming an Incorruptible.

The Incorruptibles In The Incorruptibles, Cruz presents the stories of 102 canonized saints who received the same special grace of incorruptibility. She goes into as much detail as possible and lists other attributes that sometimes accompany this scientifically unexplained miracle, such as sweet fragrances, the exuding of holy oil from the body, and also the flow of fresh blood several years after death. It's truly amazing to read about the lives of these particular persons as they become heroic examples for all of us in virtues like humility, patience, and charity through learning about them.

Both of these list numerous cases of images of Our Lord and Our Lady through which miracles have been attributed; they include stories of statues, paintings, and other images speaking, curing illnesses, giving off light and heavenly fragrances, helping in the construction of Catholic churches, and suddenly becoming extremely heavy so as to prevent being relocated. All of the miracles that Joan Carroll Cruz describes in her books, unless otherwise noted, have been approved by the Church.

"The wonders described here include bi-location, levitation, odor of sanctity, odor of sin, transverberation and other miracles of the heart, miraculous transport, money mysteriously provided, multiplication of food, mystical marriage and heavenly jewelry, miraculous protection, lights and rays of love, fire and heat of love, prophecy, and invisibility."

Angels & Devils is a wonderful book that describes what we know about angels, both good and bad, from sources of theology, Scripture, history, private revelation, and well-known apparitions from Saints' lives. Joan Carroll Cruz answers many questions that people have concerning these spiritual beings, and also gives an excellent lecture on the need for exorcism and what can lead to that, citing many examples and explaining each.

I personally own several of her books, and I can say confidently that she presents all of them in an interesting way. She lists the facts, but she does so in a way that will keep you wanting to read more. She stays on topic incredibly well, and if you're ever in doubt as to the authenticity of her claims, she lists her sources as well, and she stays faithful to the Magisterium. Unlike Dan Brown with The Da Vinci Code, Joan Carroll Cruz actually researches the material she uses for her books in great depth.

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  1. I am really sorry, but the church should NOT be changing any part or any Mass to entice the “youth”. These young people were raised Catholic, hopefully. What we need to do is to encourage ALL PARENTS to make sure they AND their children attend Mass on a regular basis, as did our parents and grandparents.

    There should be ABSOLUTELY NO OPTION as to whether or not attend MASS. It is a given that is the responsibility of all parents. These young people would have to be on their dying bed if they were to not attend Mass. The cry rooms should be eliminated completely. All children should learn from infancy that the time with our Lord is sacred and they MUST LEARN the respect that must be given, if ONLY for an hour a week.

    The Church should not weaken the standards we had. There was NOTHING wrong with them for the last 1,945 years prior to Vatican II. Vatican II gave our church ABSOLUTELY NO NEW DOGMA. It only allowed our Priests to turn their backs on the Tabernacle and face the people. This brought in Deacons, women on the Alter, female alter servers. Women today need to get a grip. There is no sexism in our Church when we honor our Blessed Virgin Mary. She is the Mother of our Church and the Mother of Jesus Christ and our Blessed Virgin Mary who looks over all of us.

    Women, get used to the idea that our Lord cares as much for us as He does for men. “Brethen” and “Mankind” is inclusive of all of the children of God. He would never forget the many women that he also felt was necessary for Adam when He created Eve.

    I pray that our Church eliminates the many infiltrates of our Church since Vatican II who came to destroy our Church “from within”. If a Priest is preaching heresey, then he should be publicly excommunicated, and stripped of all his rights as a priest.
    The priests who give Communion (the BODY AND BLOOD OUR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST) to those who are publicly know as Pro Abortion and support “Womens rights” should be excommunicated. The most discraceful and most terrible thing that occurs when an abortion occurs is THAT POOR INNOCENT, YET UNBORN, IS DENIED BAPTISM. There is no way to God except through the BIRTH, DEATH, and RESERECTION OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. These people that have abortions, perform abortions, pay for someones abortions, even drive them to the abortion clinic are GUILTY OF MURDER, a Mortal Sin that will get them only to HELL. Yes, Hell should be taught to all people. Don’t be afraid to preach it in your sermon, for failure to do this will get these Priests to HELL!!!!

    This is what our ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH should focus on. Teach these young people this from the begining. Teach this instead of teaching “sex education”. The only sex education that should be taught is abstinance.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent this. I feel so passionate about these things. Teach our babies and young children early so they know what is right and what is wrong. Do not give them a choice of, “well later I’ll let them make their own decisions.” As we know in todays world, these young adults are more inclined to take the shortest and easiest route, even if it is a direct route to HELL. If parents fail in this aspect of being a parent, they are just as guilty for “what you have done and what you have failed to do”, and that will get them in to HELL. There is no time to bargin with God when you die, you have chosen the path for your children and yourself . Hell is never ending pain and suffering, as well as torment, it never ends. You and your children will never be allowed to see the face of God or walk with our Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints that have preceeded us in death.

    Think about it, all you Priests and Parents…….many souls are in your hands and if
    you Priests decide to take so many souls to Hell, you will be cast in the further bowels of Hell that will be worse than any human can possibly imagine. The Priests of now,
    including “the American Catholic Priests”, need to repent. It’s not too late to say “I have been leading you astray.” “I want to save your soul and those close to you.” He may be able to save his own.

    The Priests that have “hidden or sent to other Parishs” that have abused our children should be publicly excommunicated. If they had knowledge of even ONE abusive Priest, excommunicate both of them. If these Bishops are known homosexuals, we need to relieve them of their duties. We don’t need them there to destroy the lives of innocent children. They are in one of the most trusted positions and it is inconcieveable that they would betray their positions. We need loving, giving, truthful, honest Priests that care about saving SOULS. The Pope needs to “CLEAN HOUSE”, starting in ROME. There are some that have been appointed to positions of making GRAVE ERRORS since Pope Benedict became Pope.

    The rules should be “BLACK & WHITE”. Either this is the rule or it is not. If you choose to not keep the rule, then LEAVE. Do not prey on more children or allow OTHER KNOWS PEDIFILES WHO ARE USUALLY FOUND TO BE HOMOSEXUAL
    to stay in such a trusted position.


    I remain,
    Gail M. Conrad, R.N.C., B.S.
    Member of Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Swartz Creek, Michigan and also
    attend Tridentine Latin Mass at All Saints Catholic Church, Flint, Michigan

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