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Super Girls and Halos Book Review and Blog Tour Stop #4

I’m so excited! I finally made the time to read a book cover to cover! That is a HUGE accomplishment in my chaotic world of little people.  How fun it was to read Mrs. Johnson’s book Super Girls and Halos.  The author takes us into a world of heroines and saints in an exquisite comparison like no other.

I couldn’t put my highlighter down; there were so many things I wanted to remember for later.  (I haven’t done that since college…17 years ago.)  The heroines of the screen and books Mrs. Johnson delves into with great detail, take us into their worlds of adventure.  All the while, eloquently exhibiting their flawed yet virtuous characteristics.  How remiss I was to not see the fortitude of Hermione Granger, the prudence of the Black Widow, or the strife for justice of Star Wars’ Rey.

But what most surprised me was how little I knew of our amazing saints.  Mrs. Johnson has sparked my desire to read more and more about the beautiful choir of saints helping us earthly humans to one day join them with our Lord.  I, of course, was somewhat familiar with the saints she explores for us. But I am in awe of their tumultuous life stories, and how much they had to overcome.  Yet still, these awe inspiring, real life heroines show us a path that we are all capable of taking.  “As we get to know more saints…it’s good to call upon them, as our friends, for prayers.” YES! They are our friends! How sad I am to not have thought of them as so before.

It is time for us, fellow women, to recognize the heroism in us all; to bring to the forefront our virtuous strengths.  As Mrs. Johnson says, “to accept God’s will and conform to it is a heroic act.” AMEN!

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