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Spiritual Warfare From a Pro-Life Foxhole – A Tiber River Review

Spiritual Warfare from a Pro-Life Foxhole

I was sent a free copy of Steve Wood's CD called “Spiritual Warfare From a Pro-Life Foxhole” from Tiber River in exchange for my review. I was unfamiliar with Steve Wood and his agency called Family   Life Center International, but his title grabbed my attention immediately.  It comes as no surprise that I am Pro-Life and work towards ending abortion so this seemed an obvious pick for me. I'm so happy I picked it because I've listened to it over and over and gleaning something new from it each time.  Mr. Wood is a convert to the Catholic Faith and states right away, “We are in a world war unlike any of which that has ever been seen in the history of mankind.  We must view the world from a Pro-Life foxhole for our blinders are gone, no longer thinking we have a righteous government, that our society has a certain Christian props.  We've seen they're gone and seen the extent that the enemies of life will go to crush the Pro-Life Movement.  We are in a spiritual war.”  A bold statement.

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  1. Patricia Sandoval

    The world is at war. Babies being killed because people are petty. Sex is part of love. Sex misused is wrong. What happened with couples abstaining and not risking unwanted children ? It is so easy to find clinics that will gladly abort, sometimes when the Fetus is 4 mos. or more. Women, we need to take control of our bodies. Be careful of who you are with.

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