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So If You Don’t Buy Chinese, Where Do You Go?

My wife is asking the question at her blog. Go help her out.


  1. If you don’t buy Chinese, well maybe you simply pay more attention to what you buy and if you don’t find a replacement for your chinese product then i suggest that you practice letting go of the need altogether. More realistically since chinese goods are almost impossible to avoid, then just paying attention to what you buy and realize the impact of an aware consumer as a whole.

  2. Good point. I too do my absolute best not to buy anything with the made in China stickers on them. Even if it is not made in USA, I will look for smething made elsewhere, even made in Japan.

    The US Government will not do a thing to stop this Chinese import trend, Obama has even reversed what he said he was going to do and kept full blown trade with China up. He has been pressured by China and the greedy outsourcing corporations who insist of outsourcing former American jobs and importing Chinese goods, thus America is shoveling all of its money, power, national defense, and pride to China.

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