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Servicing the Service

These days, it seems that there is a common understanding that the very worst thing that could possibly exist is war. When asked, "If you could do anything…", the most common answer is, "I would bring about world peace."

Whether or not one agrees with this philosophy is one matter, but I don't think that anyone wants our soldiers who are in the middle of Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else to die. And if someone does, then he's got problems.

But what is arguably more important than our beloved soldier's lives are their souls. For this reason we have created a Chaplain Registry. Here we have items that chaplains throughout the world at war have asked for, and through the generosity of our customers, we supply them those items. The Chaplains receive the items and then distribute them to the soldiers in their care.

Most of these items are small books or medallions that can easily be carried where ever a soldier is ordered, and can be a great source of comfort. There are also a few books that are slightly heavier reading.

Whether or not you agree with the idea of a just war, if you want to show your gratitude to those who are risking their lives to save yours, I highly recommend taking advantage of this service. You can also include a personal message that will be sent with the items to the chaplain!


  1. Funny stuff 🙂 I put up a little promo piece for your store.

  2. Is the Cecilia 5000 available separately?

  3. I thought a bulldozer would be included for those necessary renovations.

  4. What about an altar rail?

  5. My only complaint – we need to lose the term “worship space” on your trailer. Otherwise, hilarious, and quite good! Keep it up. You’ll be getting a plug on my blog as well.


  6. I should have put "worship space" in quotes. The bulldozer comes with the Cathedral Express. Stay tuned.

  7. LOL – does this “bulldozer” correct the wreckovations by Dick Vosko and the like?

  8. Perhaps you will need to bring along some chapel veils and dresses for the ladies – better yet, bring along a group of reverent ladies and gentlemen and kids who behave to sit in the front pew.

    You may want to add kneelers to the truck.
    Great idea – and not very far-fetched !!


  9. Don’t forget the high altar and the tabernacle that fits flush into the high altar. I understand the high altar may have to come in pieces, but that’s what they make pallets and forklifts for hehehehe!


  10. Baldachini, baldachini, we need baldachini, statues too, to be carried in procession. Canopies, umbrellini, altar-rails, old canons in lace and birretta’s and real fur, bishops in gloves and cappae magnae, apparelled albs, bugia, tall pulpits.
    Orchestras, drums, trumpets, papal knights with plumes, equestrian dames on real horses, crowns and copes for the Lord and the Blessed Virgin. Five Cope Vespers, Benediction with tunicled thurifers. Black funeral banners and tall funeral cataphalques and taller candlesticks with unbleached candles. Guttering votive candles by the thousand, piety, silence, gloom. Nuns in starched habits, poor friars in patched habits, ascetic and gaunt monks, hermits with lice, confraternities in hoods.

  11. Classic!!!

    I just love it — but seems you had the idea before we did. A mate an I were joking about somethign similar just the other day.

  12. My own post on 5/7 introduces a guard dog to protect your parish against liturgical abuse.

    He looks pretty dignified for a four-legged friend. LMAO!

  13. Where have you been all along? This is the answer to so many problems. Sign me up.

  14. Joyce & Keith Mullis

    Yeah, Fr. Gregory! Very Interesting! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have some of our “old” Catholic traditions brought back. Such as Forty Hours Devotion with a children’s procession and some good old hymns, etc. How about more reverence at Mass with no talking to your neighbor, appropriate dress and not leaving Mass before the liturgy is really finished.

  15. With a rig like that, you could make house calls for those who don’t want to bother getting dressed up. It would give a new name to home delivery.

  16. Sister Therese, OSB

    Is this real? It would certainly be a way of having everything real handy.
    Appropriate dress would certainly be a change, especially in Summer.
    Hymns that are Biblically, doctrinally, and liturgically correct would be great!
    People staying until everything is completed? Wow!

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