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School is Coming. Are You Ready?

Please take a look at our large collection of resources for school.


A large selection of Catholic posters you can use in the classroom.

The Rosary Posters

22 full-color posters.

Features: a simple introduction to the rosary, the traditional 15 mysteries and the Mysteries of Light, step-by-step rosary chart, reproducible prayer pages.

This illustrated chart of Noah's Ark shows the massive ark with the animals on board and the size of the ark compared to everyday objects. Drawn to Bible measurements, it gives an inside view showing how the animals may have been housed in this three-deck floating zoo. Reproducible worksheets on the back, including animals to enlarge and color.

Creation Chart

Showing the six days of creation from Genesis, this dynamic full-color chart shows what God created each day: light, sky, land, sea, plants, sun, moon, stars, sea life and birds, animals and people. Great for teaching about Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden.

Reproducible worksheets on the back include teaching tips.

24 Reasons for Living the Virtue of Chastity Before Marriage. Why Wait? helps teens and singles think twice before risking their bodies, souls, and happiness on sex outside of marriage. Includes 12 biblical reasons and 12 medical reasons for waiting. Emphasizes God’s perfect plan for marriage and God’s prohibition of sex outside of marriage.

The Great Adventure foundation series shows how Christ's work continues through you and me in the Church today. Here's where you “find yourself in the Story” that you learned the Bible Timelines Study. This study will show how other parts of the New Testament fit into the narrative told in Acts and will reference portions of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Great Adventure 24-Week Bible Study Course

Now you can have Jeff Cavins as your personal Bible teacher in this one-of-a-kind video series. Filmed this year at a dynamic parish outside St. Paul, Minnesota, this video series offers a compelling overview of God’s plan of salvation. Beginning with the first talk, you will discover how the Bible timeline system Jeff developed unlocks many of the questions we all have about the people, places and events of the Bible. Once you understand the “big picture” of God’s plan of salvation—and where the various biblical characters fit in this overall story—you develop a new appreciation for the Scripture. Your understanding of the Scripture readings at Mass will truly come alive. Begin the journey today. Order your full set of CDs for your personal study, or for RCIA or other adult faith formation class.

The opening verse of the book of Hebrews tells us that “[i]n many and various ways God spoke of old to our fathers by the prophets.” This was done fragmentarily, under various figures and symbols. Man was not given religious truth as though from a Scholastic theologian, nicely laid out and fully indexed. Doctrines had to be thought out, lived out in the liturgical life of the Church, even pieced together by the Fathers and ecumenical councils. In this way, the Church has gained an ever-deepening understanding of the deposit of faith that had been “once for all delivered” to it by Christ and the apostles (cf. Jude 3).

Protestants—especially Fundamentalists and Evangelicals—admit that much. They recognize there was a real development in doctrine: There was an initial message, much clouded at the Fall, and then a progressively fuller explanation of God’s teachings as Israel was prepared for the Messiah, until the apostles were instructed by the Messiah himself. Jesus told the apostles that in the Old Testament “many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it” (Matt. 13:17).

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  1. Never fear. There are some of us homeschoolers who don’t order until August! I hope there will still be items in stock. You need to have mercy on us procrastinators!

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