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Save on 5000 Patron Saint Medals (and other Confirmation Gifts)

Question: What do St. Aiden, St. Angela, St. Daria, St. Hannibal, St. Zoe and St. Rene have in common?

Answer: They are some of the over 300 saints that we carry medals, holy cards and other gifts for.

Whether you are looking for a Confirmation gift or a unique present any other time, our patron saint selection can't be beat. To brag just a little, we have over 5000 different medals and gifts for your favorite saints.

Save 15% on Confirmation Gifts through Monday

A saint medal will make a wonderful gift because:

  • It will last.
  • It will be an inspirational reminder of a saint you can emulate.
  • You can get it engraved. Just look for our personalization shield:
  • You can get it in a variety of sizes and metals.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.

If you know what saint you are looking for, we recommend our Patron Saint List. Browse over 300 saints for yours and get not just product but information about the saint.

Our philosophy has always been to provide you with more than just a product so you will also find a “cheat sheet” about the saint including birth and death dates, a brief biography, patronage lists and usually a portrait.

This is actually a great resource for you to choose a saint for Confirmation or just learn about them.

If a medal isn't exactly what you are looking for, I also recommend the St. Joseph Confirmation Book. This 300 page book contains the rite of Confirmation, a Confirmation catechism, prayers, Catholic teaching, the Mass and parts of the Acts of the Apostles to emphasize the Sacrament's connection with the early Church.

It's also hardback and personalizable making it one of the best value for your money gifts at only $8.95 without imprinting.

Save 15% on Confirmation Gifts through Monday

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An imprintable Bible designed especially for Confirmation. Take a look at all of the features!

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