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Save 15% on Chasubles, Albs and Cassocks

Get new vestments for Christmas

Vestment carrying bag

It's time to spruce up the sacristy for Christmas and we're here to help!

For the rest of October take 15% off:

Server Surplices Looking Sad?

Over the years stains from wax, the after Mass doughnut or soot can make your once pristine surplices look pretty dingy. Now is the time to replace them.

We carry both square yoke and round yoke styles and also have surplices for adults.

Round-yoke Server Surplice

Perfect Advent Stole for a Deacon!

Advent Deacon's Stole

This subtly elegant Advent and Christmas stole features an image of the manger, Star of Bethlehem, and a crown in reference to Christ's role as King. A wonderful stole, , stunning in its simplicity, that reminds one of the true meaning of Christmas.

Standard or Overlay Stole:

A full cut priest stole measuring approximately 5″ wide by 56″ long from inside point of stole.

Deacon Stole (shown):

Bent elbow style.  Measures 5″ wide by 26″ from shoulders to hip and 26″ from hip to bottom.  Our deacon stoles include a tab side closure.

Your price: $157.25

Order the Advent Stole now!

Don't forget: this sale will only last the rest of the month and some items are imported from Poland and England requiring extra delivery time so make your selection early!

A gorgeous chasuble for Midnight Mass

This Semi-Gothic chasuble in Evesham brocade, 63% polyester, 27% viscose, 10% metallic yarn. Traditionally cut, lined with gold taffeta. It is completed with an orphrey of deep red velvet edged with gold dice braiding. It comes with a complimenting trimmed stole. A classic, stunning vestment ideal for any reverent Mass.

Imported from England

Front length: 43in.

Back length: 46in.

Width: 51in.

Your price: $1,147.50

(A $200 savings)

Order it now!

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