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Sad News for the National Catholic Reporter

A few days ago we received a call from an ad rep for the National Catholic Reporter. Considering who they are and who we are, they must be getting pretty desperate for ad revenue.

They recently announced that they were going to a bi-weekly printing schedule and the ad rep said that next year they are going to a magazine format which I assume means monthly.

Considering that the average age of the NCRs readership is 68, they may want to go into the funeral card business instead.

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  1. 68! That’s amazing. Sad news for the Reporter, but great news for the Church. This tells me that we are closer to an end of many of our troubles than I thought we were.

    I was having a conversation with 2 adult Catholics, both in their 30’s, just yesterday. Not theologically trained, not active in any extraordinary ministries … just your average, church-on-Sunday Catholics. They both voiced frustrations about how what you hear and learn about Catholicism depends on who you talk to. One priest criticises homosexuality, while one at the next parish over has a weekly “gay Mass.”

    One of these 2 talked about how one of his friends had decided to move in with her boyfriend. This greatly upset her mother, who went to her parish priest for counsel. The priest said, “Wouldn’t you like it if she was moving in with a female friend, rather than living along, just so she had some companionship and was safer? Well, think of this as being like that.” The mother was aghast. The guy telling me this story was frustrated, saying, “How can that be? One priest would say that’s very wrong, another would say it’s fine.”

    How indeed. The good news is, If you asked the National Catholic REGISTER the average age of their readership, I guarantee it aint 68.

  2. The National catholic Reporter, It is more liberal, correct? I have never read it.
    JOHN Preiss


  3. Yes, it rightly has that reputation.

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