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Restoring Catholic Traditions for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

Why Do We Have Catholic Customs and Traditions?

“In addition to being shaped by its historical and cultural context, (Catholicism) has a set of informal practices that have emerged. These customs support liturgy, sometimes softening it to become more spiritually accessible. They provide yet another vehicle for expressing faith. Call your religion a “faith tradition” instead and notice how rituals become infused with meaning that, in turn, reinforces your identity as a Catholic follower of Jesus the Christ” – Meredith Gould in “The Catholic Home

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For Eastern Rite Catholics of the Byzantine Tradition, we feature a wonderful book called “A Guide for the Domestic Church” which is an invaluable guide to customs and practices of the Christian East.

Discover or rediscover a venerable Catholic devotion such as First Friday Devotions, First Saturday Devotions, Novenas, and much more in this wonderful book:

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