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Remembering God's Mercy

Remembering God’s Mercy – Finding healing in Christ with Dawn Eden

How do you find true healing for traumatic events in your life? Burying the memories only leads to more pain down the road.

Dawn Eden has been reflecting on this topic for many years as she is a survivor of child abuse. Her book, My Peace I Give You addresses this topic specifically.

In her new book, Dawn looks at the broader topics of healing and peace and how she found both through prayer. Prayer is about remembering – both the blessings in the past and pain from the past so that you can see how God is working in your life today.

Dawn uses stories from Pope Francis' life as well as St. Peter Faber's writings to show how we can all experience true healing in Christ.

Listen to the full interview and get a copy of Dawn's new book Remembering God's Mercy at 20% off through 2/16.

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  1. I have read the first book of Dawn Eden and I would like to recommend it. Hope to find the same experience with this one…

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