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Raymond Arroyo, Known the World Over


Raymond Arroyo – see, he has a great smile.

I have a confession to make. I don't watch EWTN.  I don't watch The World Over. Our family has never had a cable or even a basic television connection. I actually find it refreshing to not know what is going on in the latest sitcoms. I have on occasion watched Raymond Arroyo on The World Over at my parents' home and my inlaws' home and he is a refreshing, upbeat news anchor. He always seems to be smiling – And not in a creepy “I want to suck your blood” kind of way.

When I saw that Raymond Arroyo was on the list for Catholic Speakers' Month, I was intrigued. I didn't realize that he actually did speaking engagements. I guess it does fit with his current and past work. Raymond Arroyo graduated from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University and still managed to become a normal person, in spite of both a career in acting and directing before he started The World Over television show on EWTN and the EWTN News department in 1996. His show is probably one of the most viewed Catholic shows in the world. With over 150,000,000 viewers, he is watched by more people than the populations of the 9-most populous US states.

An interesting bit of trivia that I didn't know before researching this post was that his family used to live in New Orleans where his father owned an Italian restaurant, Tony Angelo's. The restaurant and the Arroyo's home were both destroyed by hurricane Katrina.

He also is a prolific author and if Mother Angelica's name ever comes up for canonization he will be the go-to-guy for  documentation. Apart from her biography, Mother Angelica – The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve and a Network of Miracles, Raymond has written three other books with Mother Angelica:

The World Over With Raymond Arroyo – watched by more people than most major news channels

If you haven't had a chance to listen to his audio reading of Mother Angelica's biography, you really need to. He has managed to get her voice down to a “T” and could probably do the audio versions of her other books as her without anyone knowing it.

If you don't watch EWTN, you can still catch him co-hosting the Art and Soul segment on the Laura Ingraham show. The two of them together are a very entertaining duo.

If you want Raymond Arroyo to come and speak at your event or to your organization, you can arrange a talk on Habits of a Cloistered CEO: The Business Wisdom of Mother Angelica.




  1. We try never to miss the Monday night replay of ” The World Over” news show. He gives us the current news, and he interviews very interesting guests who help us understand current events through a Catholic lens. He is witty, but he can get down to the heart of serious news as well. I don’t watch any television program regularly except this one. I’d love to see him come to Colorado Springs!

  2. I enjoy EWTN,well some programes.Im not keen on Raymond Arroyo though.He comes over a a bit smug,self-rightous,which just turns me off.We are a diverse family,Catholics,and we DONT all agree with everything.We dont think the very same.I am not into right-wing and anti-universal healthcare positions.Ray seems to oppose universal healthcare.In the UK we have a National Health Service.Here,many Catholics value it,we all use it.In the USA the stance taken by Raymond Arroyo over the Healthcare reforms President Obama introduced was not one I could agree with.Well-off guys like Ray can afford private healthcare.But many people cannot.

  3. I wonder what is Raymond Arroyo’s background? Does he have a Hispanic background, and if so from where? I have always wondered.

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