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Proving My Point About Prejudice Against Large Families

This is a great blog post that emphasizes a point I made a year ago about the public image you portray as a large homeschooling family. There is a prejudice out there with preconceived views on what homeschoolers are like that unfortunately isn't always far from the mark. Fortunately, this time it was.

H/T New Advent

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  1. What a great blog you linked to! I enjoyed reading her posts… and I enjoyed reading your previous post about “Homeschooled Children’s behavior.” I have to say, I couldn’t agree more that well-behaved children are a great testimoony to building a culture of life. I am well aware of that responsibility we have (especially as a homeschooling Catholic pro-life family) to witness to the beauty of life, rather than confirm people’s preconceived notions of “see, I told you, there are too many kids on this earth. Look at those little monsters.”

    I would like to add that I hope it wasn’t our family (read: boys) who spilled Koolaid on your carpet. 🙂

    Your original article is a wonderful challenge to raise the bar in parenting, and my husband and I are encouraged by it. But we also wanted to encourage parents not to lose heart if your children (especially boys, or strong-willed children) don’t get raving reviews at the restaurant and you are wondering why your son poured out all the salt while you were nursing your baby. While we want to try our best to witness to the beauty of life, there is also a lot of humility to be had in raising our large family. We have to be careful not to compare ourselves to other families, whether their children are much more well-behaved, or much less. I have met too many young mothers who have been intimidated rather than encouraged when someone has laid too heavy of a yoke on them. Some parenting skills come naturally to some parents, especially to those who were raised in a good, strong family where there was a lot of good discipline. But some of us are starting from scratch and don’t have “natural good parenting instincts” to fall back on. While the original blog had many good responses to the tune of “I totally agree, my kids are very well-behaved”, I am sure there are many who didn’t respond because they are struggling… Be encouraged, and hang in there… To quote Dr. Ray Guarendi “You’re a Better Parent Than You Think.” !!!

    God bless you…

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