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Prince Caspian Trailer Out and I'm Not Impressed

American Papist has it.

My first impression? This isn't how I imagined it. As I read Narnia and the Lord of the Rings as a child and later I always had the impression that Narnia was a small world befitting the rather simpler narrative of C.S. Lewis while the Lord of the Rings was large and deep – like trying to grasp all of China's history.

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe movie bothered me partly because it seemed to be trying to be bigger than Narnia ever was. It also bothered me that Peter was reduced to a kind of whining, insecure oldest brother which is not what he was in the books. When Lucy pulled the cloth off the wardrobe at the beginning, I thought for a moment that the movie was going to be great. I was wrong.

This latest trailer tries to make Narnia as big as Lord of the Rings and in doing so loses me. I want to see Narnia as I imagined it, not in a steroid and pyrotechnic extravaganza with bits stolen from Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven and LOR. An exploding train station? Please! And what's with the twenty-year-old Prince Caspian? He might not even have been a teenager in the book.

It may be because of the incredible art work of Alan Lee and John Howe that when I saw the LOR movies I thought “this is exactly how I expected it to be.” But then again, I hadn't seen a lot of LOR art before seeing the movies and everything just fit so perfectly.

The Narnia movies seem to be trying to be bigger than the stories were ever intended and that's really too bad. I recommend sticking with the books or listening to the wonderful Narnia audio books.

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  1. While I think your concerns are valid, with things like the Golden Compass floating around out there, don’t you think we should be supporting the Narnia series, even if it isn’t perfct?

  2. Actually, no. There is the option to support neither.

  3. Sure, Ian, of course there is that option. There is also the possibility that if we don’t support movies that have a positive Christian message because we have different artistic perceptions that we could lose the possibility of having such films in the future. The first movie was faithful to the Christian story that Lewis intended. It was respectful and well done, even if not perfect. I usually agree with what you say 100%, but I think you’re being a humbug. Feel free to tell me where I am wrong here.

  4. We hardly ever go to movies and don’t have a tv. When we go to see a movie, we make sure it is one we really want to see.

    I’m pretty sure that the movie will be fine as a movie as long as you don’t use the books as a reference.

    My disappointment is not in the movie AS a movie, it’s in the failure to bring C.S. Lewis’ narrative to life in a faithful way.

    I had problems with some of the characters in LOR – Strider as a brooding doubter? Gandalf getting struck down by the Witch King? But visually the movie couldn’t have been better.

    So there it is. I’m a humbug. I want it MY way.

  5. lol

    Okay. Fair enough. I want it all my way, too.

  6. Ian, you were right about the movie. It was disappointing. They changed a lot and kinda killed the spirit of the story.

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