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Priest encourages young men to enlist – Fr. Gnocchi

This week we are continuing our series highlighting virtuous priests for The Year of the Priest. As you will read, the heroic kindness of Fr. Carlo Gnocchi knew no bounds…

Don Carlo was an Italian priest who desired to serve as a military chaplain. Before having the honor, he encouraged young men to enlist during World War II. Even though the Italian army was currently controlled by the Fascist regime, he believed that fighting for one's country was a way of defending the weak. He rightly saw war as an opportunity to make better men because war allows men to practice heroic virtue. Eventually he was given a post with the Alpine regiment fighting in Albania. While he was serving on the front lines he witnessed countless young men sacrificing their lives for commanders who did not value life and who were ultimately fighting for an unjust cause…..
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If you'd like to learn more about Fr. Gnocchi, watch the DVD “Father of Mercy.”
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