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Pre-Paid Legal – Fail!

Our family has had a legal coverage plan through Pre-Paid legal. This basically is like legal insurance. For a monthly fee you can call in for legal advice anytime and have a limited number of documents reviewed or written by the lawyers who participate in the program.

Many months back we changed banks and in the switch I forgot to change auto billing to the new bank. I received a notice of service cancellation and filled out the reinstatement form back in April. I didn't hear anything else so I assumed that things had been rectified and I was getting new monthly charges on my bank account from Pre-Paid legal.

Fast forward to August when we were refinancing our house. Fifth-Third Mortgage sent us a good-faith estimate and cash due at closing statement that was a little off from the actual mortgage papers brought to closing – about $4000 in their favor. We decided not to close and to try and get an explanation from them.

I also called Pre-Paid legal to have them look over the papers. When I called I was informed that my service had never been reinstated and that the monthly charge I was seeing in my bank account was for identity theft protection only. I gave them the payment information again (even though they already had it) and was told that service should be back on in two days.

Two days later I called again and was again told that the service was still listed as canceled so I called customer service. I was told that the card had declined and that they could try again but it would be another couple of days before they  would have the service activated again. The strange thing is that there is no reason for the payment to have declined as there has been plenty to cover the monthly charge in the account for as far back as I can look. The rep. assured me that she would call if there was a problem. That was six days ago.

Today I again tried to use the service and was again told that my membership was canceled. Again I was told by customer “service” that the card had declined. When she started taking my information again I asked if I would actually get a call back this time if there was a problem. She told me that, no, I would have to call back myself. After getting over the shock of being told that I asked if they really wanted my business because that was really lousy customer service. Here response? “Your comments have been recorded.” I hung up.

Then I called my bank to see if they could explain the problem. They said that both failed charges were because Pre-Paid Legal had been submitting an invalid expiration date. I gave Pre-Paid Legal the information twice over the phone, they messed up the charge twice and then told me I'm responsible for calling them back if there is a problem?!?

It looks like we won't be doing business with them and will also be canceling the identity theft protection as well.

I'm not sure which part of this experience to focus on as a take away for your business – the lack of followup, the lack of concern from the customer “service” rep or the errors that led to today. I guess they all lead back to customer service failures and a lack of interest in keeping business.

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